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Calgary Tutoring Centre carefully selects tutors through meticulous assessment and interview. Outstanding academic performance and years of experience are highly regarded, and an excellent positive attitude and welcoming personality are equally important.

We seek individuals who are motivated, possess integrity, honesty and patience, and are well organized and reliable. Since tutors often teach students younger than themselves, we look for tutors who can relate well to younger people, have refined and effective teaching skills, and demonstrate superior knowledge in their subject area. Ultimately, we look for tutors who love to teach, engage people and show a true interest in helping others succeed.

Passion for Teaching

Our tutors are passionate about their subject area, excited to transfer knowledge and look forward to helping and engaging others in their learning journey. They understand the challenges of being in school and the obstacles students must overcome; and therefore, positively seek to boost their students’ confidence. Lack of self-esteem can derail students from intended goals. Our tutors take pride in motivating and guiding learners over these hurdles to achieve their goals. We believe all students can succeed and every person should be given the opportunity to flourish.

The Advantage of Experience

We only employ experienced professionals who have demonstrated academic excellence. Many of our tutors are University graduates and post-graduates, or students who are currently Teaching Assistants in academia with honours recognition. Some tutors are working toward their first or second graduate degrees and others are already working in their fields of study. Our tutors’ experiences provide them with the empathy needed to understand the ins and outs of what students endure during school. This level of empathy contributes to more meaningful involvement in their students’ learning process and a genuine concern for their students’ well-being throughout the learning journey.

Individual and Evolving Strategies

You and your child’s investment in education is constantly evolving. We ensure that students benefit from our tutoring through pre- and post-assessments of ability and achievements. Since each person may learn differently, out tutors use varied learning strategies to capture and engage their students. We do not believe that simply completing a student’s assignment or homework is an effective method of knowledge transfer; in fact, we are averse to this approach. Our tutors teach their students the skills and knowledge required to attack any problem now and in the future so they can continually move forward in their academic achievements.

Commitment for Success

Calgary Tutoring Centre is committed to student success, as your success is our success. We take the time to match the right tutors with students. Building a rapport between tutor and student is fundamental to achieving goals. Our tutors provide positive encouragement and are positive role models to all their students. Developing successful study habits and organizational skills are fundamental to ongoing success. It’s not just about the short-term goals, as learning is life-long. We help students develop an inquisitive mindset and a positive way of approaching problems that will last a lifetime in helping them achieve their long-term goals. We are committed to drawing out the independent thinker and problem solver in our students, as they are the future of this world.

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