Client Testimonials

"I contacted the Calgary Tutoring Center and received a very quick reply! I urgently needed a crash study session for a tough course, CHEM 351 (the final exam), and that was arranged very quickly. I was very stressed and I was finding it hard to focus, and the tutor who worked with me definitely helped with that. While I do not recommend last-minute cramming sessions, the four hour session helped to reinforce what I already knew, and helped me to understand how best to approach the types of questions that would be on the exam (we had practise tests to work with, of course). I definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs help studying for a tough exam, since they respond quickly and their tutors are very knowledgeable and professional."

Tutor Testimonials

"With any employer, the two principal features I look for are flexibility and openness. Alex and the Calgary Tutoring Centre surpassed my expectations in both of these regards; the scheduling is practical and convenient, and the ease of communication makes for an enjoyable working relationship. Beyond simply ensuring a pleasant work environment, these aspects also enhance client-tutor relations, allowing more focus on the student and their specific academic needs. Without hesitation I would recommend the Calgary Tutoring Centre to both potential tutors and clients. Tutors are guaranteed a gratifying, rewarding position, and clients can count on professional, helpful service."