How Many Hours Should You Tutor A Child?

No matter how strong your child is in studies, there is often at least one subject in which your kid needs guidance. So, it is better to tutor a child to improve his/her skills. For instance, some children find mathematics difficult, while for some, science is a challenging subject. Being a parent, you should know in which subject your child is weak and enroll them in the best tutoring near you.

Once the decision is made to get a tutor, the next question is how many hours you should tutor a child. The answer depends on homework, class work, exam preparations, and the catching power of your kid.

How Many Days a Week Should You Tutor?

Two to three sessions per week are suggested to develop a regular learning pattern and to improve marks in subjects like maths, chemistry, physics, English, French, etc. Furthermore, if the student is good at learning, you can hire an online tutor for him or her with two sessions per week.

For weak students: If you notice that your child is a slow learner or weak in any particular subject, it is better to enroll them in tutoring. To help the weak student master the subject, at least 8 to 10 hours of tutoring per week is a must.

For the average student: If your child is facing issues in a few concepts, then tutoring of an average of 5 hours per week can be beneficial per subject. However, you can also choose one-hour classes every day for your average child to help them in their studies.

For the excellent student: A child who is excellent in studies may improve more with the help of tuition. This will help them strengthen their weak concepts.  3 to 4 hours of tuition is enough for excellent students to master the skills.

Note: Every child has his/her own needs for tutoring. So, it is better to ask your child and then decide on a tutoring program for them. If you are not able to find the best tutor near you, then you can consider online tutoring also.

What About The Length Of A Tutoring Session?

The length of tutoring matters a lot when it comes to improving learning skills for any subject. One hour of tutoring is not enough to master the subject or master any chapter or specific skills. Make sure you choose tutoring for your child with at least two hours of length for three or more days per week.

Also, try to find the best tutor near your area to save traveling time for your child. It is better to choose online tutoring for your junior high school child. This will not only save a lot of time but will also make the child feel comfortable attending classes from home. Moreover, the student can attend online classes from anywhere when on vacation. This will not affect the overall learning of your child.

You must understand that a full day of school may have already placed a lot of demands on your child and that requesting more concentration time may be challenging. Students in high school can concentrate for longer periods of time, so you can discuss what is required with them and the tutor.

How to Choose the Tutoring for Junior High School Students

As a parent, you might face very challenges in finding the best tutor for your child. Following these tips will help you select the best online or in-person tutor for a junior high school kid.

1: Discuss with your child

Before you start searching for a tutor for your child, be sure to have a talk with your kid. Ask them about what difficulties they are facing in any subject.  Offer encouragement and ask them in which areas they would like to improve or what kind of tutor they want.

2: Consider The Best Approach

Next, you will need to decide the type of tutoring services available near you. For every family, cost and convenience are key factors when choosing the best tutoring services for a high school kid. So, considering all these factors, choose the best tutor for your kid. You can also opt for online tutoring as it has its own benefits and can be cost-effective too.

3: Ask For Recommendations

To find the local tutors and tutoring centers that have the best reputation, ask your student’s teacher, principal, guidance counselor, or other parents for the learning professionals they recommend.

4: Verify Qualifications to Tutor a Child

Once you find the best tutor for your child, be sure to ask about the experience of the tutor or staff present in the tutoring center. Make sure the teacher you choose for your child is educated enough to help the student with the needed skills and concepts.

5: Ask For Tutor Reviews

To find the best tutor, it is always better to check their reviews on online portals like Google, Facebook, and many other sites. Also, ask other students about their experience with the tutoring center. This will help you know everything about the tutor and the tutoring center that will help you choose the best tutor for your child.

6: Think About Flexible Scheduling

If your child is enrolled in extracurricular activities like dance, sports, music, and more, it is better to choose a tutor with flexible timings. Ask for a flexible schedule of the tutor according to the available time of your child. It is even great to find the best online tutoring to help your child with their studies. With this, your child can attend the online class at any time and from anywhere. You can also opt for weekend classes for your child with online tutoring in Calgary.

7: Ask For Progress Reports

For the best results for your child, you have to ask for a progress report from the tutor. Also, check if the previous students get any benefit from the tutoring you choose for your child or not. It is better to ask the tutoring center for the progress report of previous students. This will help you know how effectively the teacher improves the marks of the child.

Now, you know how many hours of tuition are must for your child. Also, we have guided you to choose the best tutor for your kid, so find carefully to help the child with their studies.