Tips to Master Basics of Chemistry 

Chemistry, like math, is a subject that needs hard work and effort and chemistry tutoring to master the subject. It is full of equations, chemical reactions, lab experiments, formulas, and diagrams. 

To master chemistry, you should be willing to accept the academic challenges of the subject. For some students, it is fun and for others is hard. But to master chemistry, takes persistence, concentration, discipline, and lots of practice.

So you spend lots of time studying chemistry but still not getting good marks in exams? First of all, know that you aren’t alone – most of the students struggled in this subject. Here are some tips for you to master chemistry. 

Learn the basics of chemistry through the story

The human mind can easily understand the story instead of cramming things. So, it is better to turn the concepts of chemistry into an enjoyable story. 

This concept of learning is useful for learning the formulas and equations in physical chemistry. You can also use a storyline for organic chemistry. 

Use useful resources

School lectures are not enough to master every chemistry concept, be it organic or physical chemistry chapters. So, try to make use of every resource possible. Here is the list of some:

Online videos: In today’s world, almost every village, town, and city has the internet in the world. So, make use of this amazing technology to learn chemistry. There are various videos on every topic and chapter of chemistry that you can search online. Also, various free chemistry courses can help you with your weak concepts and the logic behind equations. Even you can learn the atomic structures online through well-explained videos. 

Extra books on the topic: Another thing that you can do is to buy extra reference books on your chapter or syllabus for chemistry. Sometimes in some books, you see a different approach to learning any concept, which helps you understand the topic easily. So, invest in study material to master the chemistry topic or chapter or subject. 

Online chemistry tutoring: One of the best and most useful ways is attending online chemistry tutoring. In today’s time when almost schools are not open and lockdown is in the cities, online tutoring is the best alternative to mastering chemistry as a subject. Chemistry tutors teach in online classes in an interesting and practical way to build the student’s interest. Plus, you can ask your doubts many times to an online tutor. Get tutored instantly and from the comfort of your home! 

Make proper notes in a chemistry tutoring class

While attending chemistry class and focusing on the detail presented is important, it is not enough. When it comes to information retention, chemistry can be a little tricky. So, you need to make proper notes of every topic and concept you learned in an online class

Making notes forces you to write down specific information like a formula or an equation. Writing such information on paper while learning increases your brain retention power and helps you remember and understand concepts faster.

Making good notes and studying them will help you understand your gaps and improve accordingly. 

Organizing your notes is also important for reviewing results or preparing for examinations. Making notes will enable you to participate in group studies. Quality notes will allow you to participate and contribute to a study group benefiting everyone. 

Here are some tips to make notes on chemistry:

  • Have a separate notebook for chemistry: First, you need to buy a new notebook for your chemistry subject. Making all notes of all subjects in one notebook can create a lot of mess and confusion. 
  • Select a style to make notes: You need to select a method to make notes that look impressive and easy to understand. Outline style is good when writing notes in class. It is a great format for notes with headings and subheadings. For a detailed summary under every subheading, go for Cornell style. It divides your page into three parts: the””Cue””, the””Note””, and the””Summar””.
  • Leave spare space: After every topic, leave some spare space before moving to the next. This will help you add any additional info that comes in your mind during revision or test. 
  • The stepwise solution to problems: Make sure you write every step for the chemistry problem in the notes. Never miss any step and explain everything in the best possible way so that you can learn easily when needed. 
  • Use abbreviations: When you are taking notes in class, you do not want to miss anything important. But, sometimes, due to writing speed, things get missed. So, it is important to learn the abbreviations to write proper notes. You can make symbols for long words by yourself. 

Practice experiments and problems 

The fundamentals to understanding the depth of chemistry are practice. Practicing equations, formulas, and problems should be the fundamental study pattern of your everyday routine. 

Like mathematics, chemistry requires regular attention and practice to master every detail. If you spare an hour every day for the subject and brush it up before going to class, it helps you. 

Moreover, other practices like regular revisions and experiments are the most straightforward ways to grasp things in a better way. You can ask for help from friends and teachers in chemistry tutoring when you get stuck with any concept. Once a problem is solved, find another one with the same issue to practice and to gain confidence. 

Break large tasks into small parts

Break your tasks into smaller tasks that are easy to understand and learn. This needs in-depth learning of any topic and then breaking into smaller ones. It is one of the best approaches to learning big equations of many steps. Also, it is a good war to understand lab experiments. 

Join chemistry tutoring to score well in the subject

Chemistry is a huge field with multiple branches in it. No matter which branch you choose to study, follow the above tips to master it or join online chemistry tutoring